Jamahl Keyes (Live @ The Cooke Dinner Theatre)

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It is proven that audience participation in any live show makes the event more memorable.

The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes has been performing his Broadway Magic & Comedy Show all over the world for years with his original and very entertaining style of comedy and magic, never missing a beat. Every day is a new day for him when he can appear on a stage, in a review show or corporate event making the audience laugh and smile is the dancing motivator of magic goal and it comes very easy for Award Winning Comedy magician Indianapolis Jamahl Keyes to do.

We caught up with The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes backstage of the historic Cooke Dinner Theatre before he made the stage of the fourth annual Indianapolis Winter Magic Fringe(The Only Fringe Festival Dedicated To Magic And Comedy In The World) and got a chance to talk to him about his award winning comedy and magi show.

Interviewer: So The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes…How has your tour been going? I have read and heard great reviews about your Broadway Magic & Comedy Show.

The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes: Ha! Ha!, The tour has been amazing I have gotten great response and reaction from every crowd. Being able to be on stage no matter the size of the crowd is always a joy of mine.

Interviewer: How long have you been performing?

The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes: I have been performing for over 20 years and traveled to over 7 different countries and worked with all types of celebrity performers.

Interviewer: What has been your most memorable pleasure when it comes to presenting your show Broadway Magic and Comedy show?

The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes: I love it when families come to the show and each member of the family likes a different part of the show. The show is designed to be entertaining for everyone while mom likes the mind reading dad likes the Big spender number (where I make coins appear from a gentlemen from the audience head) and the children love the un expected things happening at any given time. It is definitely something in the show for everyone.

Interviewer: So you would say Broadway Magic and Comedy Show is a show that everyone will enjoy?

The Magic Comic Jamahl Keyes: Absolutely! I definitely would say that Broadway Magic and Comedy show is a theatrical show that everyone will love.