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Tips to provide your students the Anti Bully and character education tools needed to be successful.

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Tips to provide your students the Anti Bully and character education tools needed to be successful.

Anti Bully and Character education program expert Jamahl Keyes continues to bepresenting, educating and developing character education and leadership programs for kidsfor over 15 years. Schools and youth organizations have hired Jamahl Keyes to build upin dangeryouth programs to assisttheir youth become successful. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jamahl Keyes-The Magic Motivator after ayouth conference in Atltanta, GA where he was ask to presentthe keynote to more than400 teachers and educators about reaching the youth of the 21st century.

Interviewer: Hello Anti Bully and Character education speaker Jamahl Keyes. I’m so thrilled tofinally have the ability totalk toyou one on one. I’ve seen you a few timesat the APCA national conference where you did a youth leadership talk and I seen you two times at the induction ceremony for the J.A.G. (Jobs After Graduation) students of South Bend community school corporation. The 3times I was amazed how you mixed the comedy and magic to coachthe students about issues and obstacles they are oftenor are nowfacing. How did you come up with this way of speaking?

Anti Bully and Character education speaker Jamahl Keyes: I first started speaking while in thelate 80’s early 90’s throughout theJust Say NO to drugs era. My mentor and friend Ms. Gwen Stines gave me the suggestion to mix magic effects and comedy with stories to keep the attention and educate the students. When I did it a few times I noticed thatthe students and teachers that came to the shows retained the information much easier because of the wayI presented the content.

Interviewer: (Holding a double disc DVD in her hand) Can you tell us a little bit your new Double disc Anti Bully and Character education DVD The bully-proof Blueprint.

Anti Bully and Character education speaker Jamahl Keyes: What I've foundin the years that I have been traveling in every stateand in 7 other countries and counting is the need to have easy to implement ways to educate our students of this generation the importance ofcharacter and anti bullying. I teamed up with some curriculum writers and created The bully-proof blueprint. A hands on entertaining and fun way to educate any elementary and junior high schoolstudent about bullying.

Interviewer: I noticed thatit is two DVD’s can you tell me why?

Anti Bully and Character education speaker Jamahl Keyes: It is two DVD’s because disc one gives students, parents and educators some great ways to not only Stop Bullying but report it in their school and community. And Disc two is targeted onthe importance of character and fun ways to build character.

Interviewer: Where can people discoverout much more aboutThe Magic Motivator Jamahl Keyes.

Anti Bully and Character education speaker Jamahl Keyes: You can always visit my website for dates or find me at any major youth conference or convention, and if I’m not scheduled to be their (smiling) ask the coordinator to call my management, I’m sure we're able towork something out.


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