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The Speakers Bureau Indianapolis Secret To getting a motivational keynote speaker to motivate your staff.

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The Speakers Bureau Indianapolis Secret To getting a motivational keynote speaker to motivate your staff.


Everyone remembers the emotional and very inspirational and motivational speech coach Chuck Pagano maid to his young struggling team Indianapolis Colts before playing the #2 ranked defense Miami Dolphins. The Indianapolis Colts was not only motivated but convincingly won a game that many experts thought they wouldn’t win.

“The power of a good motivational and inspirational speech can and will help stir up the necessary emotions and belief that people need to overcome any obstacle large or small,” says Speakers Bureau Indianapolis Production Manager of MIY Entertainment Agency Indianapolis Tiphannyis has over over 15 years experience presenting presentations for associations and companies throughout the world. She is a Party Planner Indianapolis  expert and author of two top selling books,Event Planner Indianapolis Tricks & Tips, How to save time and money if you’re Party Planners Indianapolis.

The first strategy is to stay away from negative people no matter who they may be. Let’s face it, we all have enough obstacles that we may be going through at any given time so why add to our load by surrounding ourselves when not needed around negative minded people.

The second strategy is to stay focused on the overall vision we may have to accomplish a specific goal in our lives Indianapolis Coach Chuck Pagano stated in his speech to his team, “You guys are living in vision, and not in circumstances.” The average person that is faced with adversity concentrates on the circumstances they may be faced and not on the most important thing vision.

“If you find the right speaker bureau Indianapolis that helps your guest embrace and focus on vision and not circumstances they will be well on their way to being successful in this game of life.” Says, Tiphanny.


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