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The Dire Needed Importance Of Youth Leadership Speakers In Your School And Community.

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The Dire Needed Importance Of Youth Leadership Speakers In Your School And Community.

“Riddle Me This! What do astronauts and street gang members have in common?

Both groups are highly motivated. Both had role models, at an early age, of the person they wanted to be. Both attached a dream to their role model. The astronaut's dreams lead them into the world of aviation. The street gang members dreams lead to imprisonment.”, this bold statement comes from, Nationally recognized student Leadership Speaker Jamahl Keyes.

Why do some at-risk students ambitions lead to self-destruction when the same skills can be used to develop a motivating career and productive lifestyle?

It is important to note here that all of us follow our dreams. Many students have weak dreams that offer limited motivation others have powerful dreams that are highly motivating. For most of us, our dreams are positive, for others, their dreams are self-destructive.

Street gangs and students in street life have very powerful, self-destructive ambitions, usually related to criminal activity. Our mind is a powerhouse that searches for ways to fulfill our dreams, whether they are right or wrong.

“As teachers, parents and mentors we must make a conscience effort to show students what could happen to them if they have student leadership skills and character development by having school assembly, special events and more,” states Nationally recognized youth leadership speaker Jamahl Keyes, “Many students on a daily basis through TV, social media and movies see self-destructive choices that can be made. That’s why it is vital to show them what happens to them if they are not self-destructive this could make the difference to them becoming a gang member taking from society or a astronaut contributing to society.”


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