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How to hire the right Motivational Keynote speaker to talk to your conventioneers.

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How to hire the right Motivational Keynote speaker to talk to your conventioneers.

Agency Indianapolis Tiphanny, author, party planner Indianapolis and Event planners Indianapolis. She has identified a condition that prevents managers, directors and people in a leadership position from accepting or enjoying the success they deserve and desire in life. This condition is known as “leadership anorexia”, and affects thousands of people that are put in a leadership position.

         “People that are thrust in a leadership role without understanding thefundamental principles of being a effective leader,” explains Speakers Bureau IndianapolisProduction Manager of MIY Entertainment Agency Indianapolis Tiphanny, author of two top selling books,Event Planner Indianapolis Tricks & Tips, How to save time and money if you’re Party Planners Indianapolis. “After studying and working with effective leaders like Ivanka Trump, Bill Rancic and Kristie Frank all stars from the hit TV show The Apprentice, I was shocked to discover that many people didn’t understand the importance of leadership training and mentorship from successful and very effective leaders, and I found that subconsciously that they where afraid of the unknown so they would starve themselves from leadership knowledge, just like some people starve themselves from food.”

A person may have leadership anorexia if they are:

  • Intimately familiar with leadership training literature but can’t apply it to their own life.

  • Afraid of being less then perfect.

  • Have no idea of vision

  • Cannot adapt to change

Or if they:

  • Feel like a failure even when they’re succeeding

  • Isolate from others (physically and emotionally)

  • Believe that leadership means you have to step on other people

“Leadership anorexia is cured by teaching the individual the necessary leadership training skills needed to be an effective leader under any and every circumstance, and the benefits of constantly exercising effective leadership strategies,” explains Speakers Bureau Indianapolis Production Manager of MIY Entertainment Agency Indianapolis Tiphanny. 


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