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How to get gigs marketing Tip, Send a Message.

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How to get gigs marketing Tip, Send a Message.

Even when you aren’t physically operating your business, the systems you put in place can still be marketing that business. Take, for example, your voicemail or answering machine. After 20 years, is the best thing you can say still, “I’m not here, can’t answer the phone.”

Use your voicemail message as a marketing tool. You might say, “We can’t come to the phone. We’re busy helping another customer with…” and name a product or service you’re featuring that month. Or, “After you leave a message with your phone number, check us out on Facebook or check out our website at www dot whatever dot com.” Or something funny like, “My dad can’t come to the phone at the moment. He’s out working really hard to send me to college, so please leave your message, or better yet, just send a really big check.”

When you keep it light and fun, it sticks with people – and sometimes they tell their friends to call just to listen to it. Now that’s marketing!


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