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Five ways to raise funds for your school assembly speaker.

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Five ways to raise funds for your school assembly speaker.

This upcoming school year more schools and youth organizations will be looking for speakers to speak to their students for school assemblies. Below are five proven and tested ways to raise the needed funds to get speakers to present school assemblies.

Here are award winning youth speaker Jamahl Keyes five fundraising secrets to raise funds for a school assembly:

1.    Most schools have student activities funds that may be available for this purpose.

2.    Many schools have Coca-Cola or other vending machines. The principal of that school is given $500-$700  from the profits of the machine to use for discretionary purposes such as this.

3.    Parent organizations such as PTA’s, PTO’s or Parent Communication Networks are willing supporters of programs such as this.

4.    The Community Education Organizations in your community are supportive of programs such as this.

5.    Occasionally there are private benefactors (such as companies, group organizations in your area) who have community service funds that they use to assist positive functions in the community. Simply call companies in your area and ask for help. The company will receive newspaper, radio, online and TV exposure (if available) many seasoned youth speakers like Jamahl Keyes, discuss in his interviews how the event is able to take place because of the company support. Seasoned youth speakers like Jamahl Keyes wears a company shirt, hat or other materials containing their name/logo during the event and in any press photos. This is a great opportunity for the company to receive free publicity for helping a great cause.

This method of fundraising is very popular in the speaking circuit and is expected very well for both school/organizations and the company. Some companies will even want to arrange to sponsor the program for the entire district, county, or state so that all schools in their area can participate in the program.

Youth leadership speaker Jamahl Keyes has over 20 years experience presenting school assemblies on topics like, Anti Bully and Character education, youth leadership and College Success to just name a few. 


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