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Facts On Benefits Of Creating a Team Building culture.

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Facts On Benefits Of Creating a Team Building culture.

Not all good managers will also qualify as making good leaders. Good leadership development and skills are much harder to quantify than good management skills. Mainly, because leadership relates to the trust and respect that develop between leaders and their followers. Many leaders have what appears to be an inherent and natural ability to command a type of sometimes unexplained devotion from their followers.

On the other hand, team building skills can be measured against results. There is much more emphasis put on the management of processes, procedures, targets and results. Management practices, and procedures are continuously reviewed in line with new technology and other changes. Managers can learn these and manage their transition into the workplace.

There are some debates as to whether managerial skills can be taught. One theory is that individuals are born with leading potential, and that it cannot be taught. While others believe that individuals can be taught to become great leaders and can further develop their skills by learning how to use their skills more appropriately.

If you look at some of the leaders throughout the history books, you will find many who may have had little formal education and certainly not give access to management training. They often seemed to suddenly appear as leaders with no apparent challenge to the role they were taking on. They proved by demanding the respect and trust of their followers and making some harsh decisions that they could lead.

What makes a leader stand out is their ability to command compliance with their wishes, or individuals following their direction. A leader has to be able to communicate and empathize with large groups of people at the same time. They need to invest passion and motivation into getting their followers to commit to their plans.

Leading people may initially be natural, with very little need for study and hard work. However, developing management skills can help to support inherent leadership skills. Leaders need to be informed, confident and fast in their decision-making processes and have the ability and skills to manipulate and direct their followers.

Again, looking closely and some of the great leaders down the years, they were considered to be natural and charismatic leaders. Comparing them, many had different leadership styles, some, which are unsuitable in today's business environment. Leadership development practices can be proven as beneficial for a business. However, it will depend on good the leader is at reading people and situations.


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