Broadway Magic Show Invades Tampa, Fl

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Broadway Magic ShowTampa, FL: Broadway Magic show staring The Magic Motivator of magic Jamahl Keyes has extended his Silent Act Tour for the next few weeks…With his style of Magic this is such a treat for the magical friends and fans… All who have attended one of these mind blowing and flash back performances all share the same favorites…. From the dancing cane, to the card trick. These effects take the breath of all when they watch him perform. One of the all-time favorites is “Minnie the Moocher” This 1920’s vintage affect has nothing but amazements written all over it…. As he makes a wine glass appear full of water from behind his scarf The Magic Motivator then plays with the crowd by having them sing this very popular tone from the musical HI D How and Cotton Club. The crowd jumps into this moment and then the unbelievable happens.. He takes the glass of water and pours it into a newspaper If that wasn’t enough to wow the crowd he then makes a final twist to take the breath away from all who is looking… Slowly he turns the Newspaper upside down and NOTHING comes from the bottom. This is an shocking jaw dropping moment… The Magic motivator plays with the crowd just a little bit more and opens the paper to prove that the water has vanished…. Where did it go you ask? The newspaper gets folded and turned over and gets poured back into the wine glass it came from. You cannot make these things up. This is really happening…

How to hire the right comedy magician for your next event.

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Live entertainment is a very effective way to attract crowds to your event or exhibition stand. Comedy Magicians perform visual and interactive routines that stop traffic and increase your prospect leads! A comedy magician can customize his or her routines to incorporate your product or sales message. 1. Be sure to contact a comedy magician as early as possible. The best comedy magicians book up early for the most popular shows. The more lead time a performer has, the more time they can spend customizing their presentation for your event. 2. A comedy magician can customize their presentation in many ways. The easiest way is for the comedy magician to work your product message into their routine patter. Customization can also be taken to the next level and one of a kind tricks can be created using your company logo and products….or even involving one of your sales reps! A magician’s fee for a presentation is partially determined by the amount of customization and pre-show planning that is involved. 3. If you are hosting a dinner during the event, consider having your comedy magician provide some after-dinner entertainment. Since the entertainer will already be at the event, the cost to add an after-dinner performance will be minimal. 4. Magic can range from sleight-of-hand tricks performed for small groups of attendees, to large scale illusions performed on a stage. It is important to know what kind of space you will have available for the show, so the comedy magician can recommend the best possible performance. 5. Be sure to convey your expectations to the comedy magician. Do you want more leads? Do you just want some company exposure? Do you want a chance to talk with current customers face-to-face? Is the magic presentation supposed to generate new customers, or just create goodwill with attendees? If a comedy magician knows your requirements, they can make sure that their presentation helps you meet your goals.

Magician Indianapolis Indiana Reveals The largest Mistakes Event Planners Make When Hiring Entertainment

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Jamahl Keyes Comedy Magician IndianapolisIt is extremely, very, rare for a professional entertainer to write down such a article. Many other entertainers, comedians, and entertainment agencies do NOT want you know this information. Please take the time to read it carefully. In fact, if you are – as I hope – very interested in making sure that your company’s events are successful, then I urge you to get comfortable, ask not to be disturbed, and focus this article – it IS that important! It reveals vital information you’ll want to know!

That happen to be You together with The reason for Revealing This Information?

I am Jamahl Keyes-The Magic Motivator Comedy Magician Indianapolis Indiana of magic and I’m a corporate entertainment Indianapolis specialist. For the past 20 years my unique and award winning show Broadway Magic including things like magic, mindreading, tap dancing, comedy, and audience participation have helped event planners at companies including Ford Motor Company, Owens Corning,  Notre Dame University, AT&T, DaimlerChrysler, Robert Mondavi, and Allstate Insurance make their events unforgettable, successful and fun.

My show has also been featured on FOX, TNN, ABC and NBC. I’m revealing information that this entertainment industry doesn’t would love you to know for two main reasons:

REASON #1: Should you wind up hiring a lousy comedy Magician Indianapolis Indiana, this closes the field not only to me but other competent professionals. Itrrrs likely that, if the person you hire stinks, you’ll be very reluctant to hire a similar type of performer in the future.

REASON #2: I HATE to see bad performers rip people off making event planners look bad. It puts a back eye on my small profession.

Okay, now that you know who I am and why I’m doing this, let’s talk about the Biggest Mistakes Event Planners Make When Hiring Comedy Magician Indianapolis…And the ways to Avoid Them! Booking Too Long Of your Presentation

Scheduling to much time of a program is a mistake many event planners make. It’s remember this that it must be not like people are going to a theatre or to the movies and want to see a two-hour program. Most of the time, attendees will have been in meetings all day long and will be tired.

Even if your event is “dinner only”, your invited guests may have been sitting for at least 45 minutes before the show starts. If youAward Winning Comedy Magician Indianapolis add a cocktail hour, an awards presentation, and/or a speech in the company president, the size of case increases dramatically. The main thing: The ideal length for the entertainment portion of your program is 35-minutes with a more 45 minutes. This can maintain event moving along at a nice pace and keep everyone energized.

Well, that’s all. Obviously, if you’re an experienced event planner maybe you have already known some of the secrets revealed in this report. But I hope you found a few gems which you can use to ensure your next event turns out exactly as you want it so you get the applause, accolades, and acknowledgement that you just so richly deserve.