Important Information About Comedy Magician Indianapolis-Jamahl Keyes!

Love for Theatre!

Comedy Magician Indianapolis- Jamahl Keyes love affair of theatre was birthed when he was just a child at the age of 3. Willie and Jackie Keyes, his parents had tickets to a Broadway musical and was not successful in finding a babysitter to watch young Jamahl, so they took him along.  In past outings Jamahl had been known to lose attention very fast but to their surprise their 3 year old son did not make a peep throughout the show. After the Musical young Jamahl made his way to every performer he could find to greet and get auto graphs.

Love for Magic!

Years later His love affair of Magic was discovered by his mother who taught second grade. In his early elementary years Jamahl despised reading, so his mother devised a plan and bought home magic books to spark his interest. Every week at dinner she performed a rope trick for Jamahl, never revealing the secret. The question was asked by Jamahl to his mother how she did the trick. His mother smiled, gave him the book, and told him, “I can’t tell you the secret, you have to  read about it.”

Love For Stage!

Music Man, Guys & Dolls, Pirates of Penzance were just a few live musical performances Jamahl Keyes stared in. Who knew that a simple rope trick at dinner time and crashing his parents date night at a musical, would develop into love for big bands, passion for Broadway shows, excitement for magic and natural ability of showmanship.  Jamahl Keyes combined them all and developed an exciting, unforgettable and very impressive one man show entitled Broadway Magic. A show that will never be forgotten and always remembered from time to come.

His Awards Include:

  • Thespian Actor Of The Year- National Thespian Society
  • Raymond Hensey Award- For Excellence In Theatre
  • Abbotts Magic Champion- The Magic Capital Of The World
  • Magi-Fest Champion- The Longest Running Magic Convention
  • S.A.M. World Champion- Society Of American Magician
Peach Carr Photo(Star Of Project Runway On Bravo)

Jamahl Keyes getting some wardrobe tips before he hits the stage from Lifetime TV Show Project Runway winner Peach Carr.

Young Magic Photo